2 Unlimited …

2 Unlimited one of thous, thanks to whom I fell in love with music, especially dance and electronic.

At 90-s we didn’t know any English – only from school – ‘pencil … what is your name’ and more – we didn’t realized what we heard.

Imagine – mid 90s, Soviet Union died, small town above the Arctic Circle, the weather is gray and cold, in the stores is empty …
And we found … dance music. It was so fresh, so colorful. It was like a fairy tale.

2 Unlimited, Masterboy, Dune, U96, Dr. Alban, Capella, Ace of Base, Culture Beat, Fun Factory, The Prodigy, Captain Hollywood Project … More And More

Smiling, happy and dancing people, new for us and energetic music – it was like a window to another world.
And I got to, once and for all.

From my childhood

The best!!! Oh where is my youth


And now – it so beautiful for me to reopen all this music again, but now understand the words in songs

Once from present time

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