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Nestjs for my own project backend

Big thanks to someone called Alex from Payever for the idea to use Nestjs on the server side. It looks so great for me. I’d start pet project with Nodejs, Express, Typescript, Inversify, Typeorm, Postgresql. And I’d

Little plans

I want to share some news from my latest experience. But I can’t promise when I can do it. A couple months I’ve played with microcomputers – Raspberry Pi and Tinkerboard. So I would like to share

Three+ steps to minimize angular application size

On my daywork project come to the state when a size of compiled bundles dramatically increase and it becomes a problem. Ok, I’ve installed Webpack bundle analyzer and tried to analyze what each bundle consists of. In

Python socket simple example

Sometimes ago, accidentally, I’ve started experiments with python. Accordingly, to external requirements, I must send some data and receive a response. I don’t know the length of the response, but the first two bytes are the response

Some experiments with Raspberry

Several last days I have some interesting experience with a Python language and particularly with Kivy library. I never had any experience with a Python before. So I think that I’m doing wrong mostly. And my code

Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor – Codelobster IDE

In this article, we suggest you to get acquainted with the free editor of web languages – Codelobster IDE. It is presented on the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot of

GitHub activity image

Hm. Some funny resource – All my contributions in one image Generated with this service (

intellij IDEA phonegap/cordova plugin – Cannot detect android SDK in path

intellij IDEA phonegap/cordova plugin - Cannot detect android SDK in path Since I have had several asks about that. I just place my answer here.

Postgresql. Dump and restore with pg_dump and pg_restore

Short note for not forget. 1. Backup your data with pg_dump pg_dump -U postgres -h localhost -p 5432 -Fc -b -c -f ./backupname.dump databasename all options are described in pg_dump help -U username used to connect to

EXCEPTION: Attempt to use a destroyed view

Sometimes, especially when manually works with change detection, may occur exception from the title of this post. According to my experience, this exception always appears from the detectChanges() method. I haven’t yet dig down source code of