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Three+ steps to minimize angular application size

On my daywork project come to the state when a size of compiled bundles dramatically increase and it becomes a problem. Ok, I’ve installed Webpack bundle analyzer and tried to analyze what each bundle consists of. In

EXCEPTION: Attempt to use a destroyed view

Sometimes, especially when manually works with change detection, may occur exception from the title of this post. According to my experience, this exception always appears from the detectChanges() method. I haven’t yet dig down source code of

Combine code, template and styles or no (inspired by Angular Single File Component – Hackages)

Today I read interesting blog-post: Angular Single File Component – Hackages Blog Angular Single File Component – Hackages Blog When working with Angular and Angular CLI, you end up quickly with a lot of folders & files

Angular — Supercharge your Router transitions using new animation features (v4.3+) (Gerard Sans)

Angular 2 Component Communication (SlideShare by Rob McDiarmid)

Доступно и наглядно про взаимодействие компонентов. --- seems one of the best explanations of communications between the different levels angular-components

Using WebStorm for Building Angular Apps

This is a recording of the webinar on a JetBrainsTv youtube channel: "Using WebStorm for Building Angular Apps with Victor Savkin"