Coding … no – fire fighting

Today was a looong day.

I spent a lot of time with my laptop.

But when a job is done. I’d ask myself a question – what final output of my day. What I can to do after all.

So, to be honest, not too much. Really – tooo little to be proud of my work.

I need tests. In that project a lot of legacy code and no tests.

I don’t know what was an idea at the start. But for now, I think it’s too complicated.

In many places, there is no exception handling. There is only right-way and mostly only one way to execution flow.

It is Angular application so all routing performs on the client-side. And to access a specific place (component) you need to go with several steps.

And now PM with owner decided – that user can access some application state directly via URL.
But there is no way to do – too many dependencies needs to be satisfied.
Ok, I thought, I can do it.
But since there are no tests – when I change in one place – I have a bug in another.

And what I can say at the end.
Write tests – it is not a lost time.

And yes, I think that redux can help me here too, but I’m not sure

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