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ryky’s light’s sparks

I found this artist on deviantart (ryky on deviantart) and feel a soft spring breeze on my cheeks … especially I stopped on these: More on

Alice’s Adventures. Black-B-o-x

Alice's Adventures. Black-B-o-x All about Alice in one place :)

At the Edge of the World. Boris Vallejo

Acquaintance with the artwor of Boris Vallejo started with this picture. At the Edge of the World Remember, at this time I read some fantasy novel, and the painting was placed

Lost In Magic. MOSKUITO

Lost In Magic. MOSKUITO May be some breeze will touch your cheeks ... and silence.

Romantic Day. Jim Warren.

Romantic Day. Jim Warren This painting is our loved. For me and my wife is some kind of milestone of our Romance, from the time when we were very young ...

“like that tears wash away my heart, Lord!”. zeldis

like that tears wash away my heart, Lord! zeldis

Autumn. zeldis

Autumn. zeldis

Bloom of Melilotus. RHADS

Bloom of Melilotus. RHADS

Imagination. fantasyart0102

Imagination. fantasyart0102 melancholy overtone with waiting miracle

Meteor. Andi Koroveshi